How It All Started



How do you come to a point in your life when you can sit down and talk to dead people?

And not just dead ones.

Famous ones. Celebrities. People of note.

But really, really dead ones.

The answer isn’t easy. It’s like asking Isaac Stern how he plays the violin. Or Sir Laurence Olivier how he acts.

Or Michael Jackson how he does the Moonwalk.

(Actually, in this book we did get to ask Michael about the Moonwalk. But you’ll have to read his chapter to find out!)

Right now, we want to explain who we are and how we’ve come to present this book—a compilation of channeled interviews with notable (dead) souls of our time. If you’re not up on these things, you might think it’s a hoax. And you have every right to. Saying you can talk to dead people and have them talk back, particularly famous ones, could well be the biggest joke in the world.

We don’t think it is. But to really explain who we are and how we do it will take a bit of explanation.

Both Carla, my co-author, and I have spent the majority of our adult lives involved in intuitive development. I have a deep background in meditation and have also pursued things like prayer, hypnosis and guided imagery—first to heal my own inner life and then to help others. I’ve been an interfaith minister, hospital chaplain and an intuitive counselor able to read deep soul patterns in clients.

Throughout the years I’ve worked a lot with people who have had life-challenging illnesses, and my personal counseling work was dedicated to helping them free themselves to be healthier, happier, more loving and more creative.

Carla’s background leans to the metaphysical arts (astrology, angels, tarot, numerology, shamanism, mediumship, past-life regression, etc.), but she is also an interfaith minister who is more interested in soul development and evolution than giving out the telephone number for someone’s soul mate. She has been an intuitive counselor for thirty-seven years and continues to be amazed by the process.

One day, Carla and I met serendipitously in an AOL healing chat room. Except for one lovely fall weekend in New York, we have never spent physical time together, instead becoming the proverbial e-mail friends, capable of deeply felt exchanges precisely because of our clairvoyant abilities. Simply, we trusted each other’s insights: there is nothing like feeling someone can look into the depths of your soul that creates a bond surpassing all triviality.

In the interim years, concurrent with my counseling work, I became a professional writer exploring many fields—travel journalism, spiritual books, fiction, advertising and marketing projects. From her home in Indiana, Carla helped found an internet intuitive counseling website, taught Angel and Tarot workshops and authored a book on Tarot. She even contributed to a two-book set of prayers I was editing for the publisher Guideposts.

Our long-distance friendship surged and waned until finally in 2009 we happily found each other again. As it is with deeply connected souls, it was as if we had never been apart. Compatible but different in our talents, we always had a deep feeling we would collaborate on something great. Then one day, following the passing of the epic newscaster Walter Cronkite, the gentleman Carla was seeing made a casual joke: “Why doesn’t somebody talk to him in heaven?” he said. “That would sure be some broadcast!”

When Carla told me the idea, we both laughed and said, “Well, why not?” In a playful mood we decided to try and see what would happen. We had no real plan. It was fun. It was play. It was free!

From the very first, though, we were dumbstruck at the depth that came flowing through. And that depth never wavered. It only grew. And we loved doing it. Soon we both had the distinct feeling that hundreds of souls were lining up to talk to us. It seemed to be as much a pleasure for “them” on the other side as it was for us.

Which is not to say that I, personally, did not have a few misgivings. I am a professional journalist, and I don’t take “psychic sentiment” for granted. Many books of mine have been based on the accuracy of facts that can be easily proven. Also, as a meditator, I know how the mind can fool itself. I understand the power of ego to distort.

In fact, I could think of a million reasons not to pursue this work, not the least of which was my professional reputation. But I put them all aside, for one reason on which I’ll blame Carla—because it’s the very reason why I love her so much. In the intuitive realm, Carla is fearless. A risk-taker. The epitome of a maverick and pioneer.

And without her, this book would not have come to completion.

Talking to dead people all by yourself can be very lonely! So I’m not shy about saying that it has been Carla’s winning companionship and collaboration that has made this book possible. Although most of our transmissions were done independently of each other, we did confer daily and share our discoveries. One thing we did not do, however, was read each other’s transmissions if we were still working on the same subject. That is to say, if I was “interviewing” Michael Jackson (i.e., typing up the transmission as I received it), she wouldn’t read the results until she had finished her own time with him. That way we didn’t influence each other and our individual reportage retained its independent veracity.

Once, in the case of Walter Cronkite, we did channel the transmission orally with each other, using Skype. It was a great moment to make a fool of ourselves in front of the other, but that never happened. The work always proved itself to be true—and authentic.

Strangely enough, our transmissions remained distinct, yet compatible. Carla was more interested in the moments and conditions of a soul’s passing and journey to the other side. I was more interested in lessons learned and spiritual truths gleaned. We were both interested in what the experience of Heaven—the after-death life—looks and feels like.

But the story of this book is not limited to the actual content of the interviews. The sensations, the synchronicities, the intuitions we experienced with our subjects may be as interesting for our readers as the interviews themselves; beyond our introductions for each subject, you’ll find more of that kind of material in our Epilogues. And yet all that—the synchronicity of facts—is simply food for the rationale brain. The true impact of this work, we feel, will be felt in the soul.

One thing Carla and I would like you to understand before you read another word: both of us believe that whatever gift allows us to perform these transmissions are natural abilities that all of us have. Classic books like Gary Zukav’s The Seat of the Soul and You Are Psychic! by Pete Sanders, a MIT- trained physicist, as well as myriad books by present-day mediums such as John Edward, Sylvia Browne and James van Praagh, all put forth the argument that Consciousness on a global level is about to break open, and who we really are—energetically, spiritually, interdimensionally—will soon become revealed to all of us.

Simply, we are more than who we think we are.

And we believe Heaven is about to open its truths to all of us—soon.

That’s why we have the interest, the passion and the courage to act as what we term the “conscious mediums” of this work. We discovered—in the first moment of playfulness when we felt Walter coming through—that the process was one of the most natural we had ever engaged in. We don’t go deeply into any trances. We don’t roll our eyes up into our head (although a voice teacher did teach me once how to do that but it had absolutely no affect on my singing voice!). And we don’t have funny voices come through.

Simply, after many years of intuitive development, both of us have developed the capacity to slightly shift our conscious attention, like tuning a radio channel, and hear/receive the transmissions that are coming through.

By “hear,” Carla and I define the word differently. For myself, I seem to “hear” a stream-of-consciousness flow of thoughts in the very place in my awareness where I think my own thoughts; it’s clear to me, however, that these are not my own thoughts. I can tell. They come too fast—and too eloquent—for me to be making it up. That I know.

For Carla, it comes in several ways—from short snippets or phrases to long, complete streams of information. To her, it's more “feeling” the words than hearing them. Sometimes it's like a running ticker tape of words imprinted across her forehead. The secret, she says, is getting "out of the way" and letting the words/thoughts/visions flow. But she also has wild, out-of-session experiences—images and visual impressions just pop up. She once e-mailed me to say Bob Hope had just showed up, swinging his golf club and saying he’d wait patiently for his turn at the mike. You just had to laugh.

Skeptics might say that this is just a bunch of creative malarkey. Maybe. That’s a distinct possibility we sometimes entertain because we don’t have an ego investment in any of this. Carla strongly feels, and I agree, that any intuitive work like this ALWAYS involves the filter of the medium. It’s unavoidable. Even the work of Edgar Cayce, the classic unconscious medium of the last century who went into deep trance to do his spectacular work, was affected in some way by his personal focus.

That is to say, it is possible that our spiritual beliefs, our psychological understanding or lack of it, our capacity for language, our mood of the moment, etc., may all come into play in these interviews—in some way.

You decide.

But what Carla and I do stand by—when we step back and look at the quality of this material—is that the spiritual depth and psychological authenticity of the results cannot be dismissed. It is said that everybody becomes a little more evolved when they die—in fact, death may be the biggest personal growth factor any of us ever experience! And these interviews prove it. Maybe that’s why these celebrities sound a great deal more profound, spiritually advanced and psychologically astute than they ever did when they were alive. Or, to be more accurate, more than they did AS WE KNEW THEM TO BE—publicly, historically.

There’s just something about having a bigger perspective than one’s small ego that tends to make us smarter. And that’s what passing from the body seems to do for you.

So, we want to warn you: You are about to discover aspects of these well-known souls that you never, ever imagined.

And therein lies what we feel is the deepest value of Heaven Speaks.

In these interviews, truths have been spoken. Confessions revealed. Spiritual ideas pointed to and revered. Moreover, whatever Carla and I thought personally about these celebrities prior to this work, we have, through the experience of touching their souls, come to feel enormous love, reverence and respect for each and every one of them, as well as a deep appreciation for revealing to us the one truth that seems to underlie every page of communication in this book.

And that truth is:

Life is eternal. Love is immortal. And death is just a horizon.

And thank you, Carly Simon, for that wonderful sentiment— she who is the only dear celebrity mentioned in this book who is still gloriously alive with us on this planet! And thank God for that!

(Did we mention, everybody else is dead?!)

But talk about the synchronicities...when Heaven begins to speak...

As I sit in a coffee shop in Queens, New York, finishing up the first draft of this introduction, who should come onto the radio but...

John Lennon. Singing...
“Imagine...imagine all the life in peace...”

And so, we thank you, John (and yes, we plan to get the mike to you soon!). That is EXACTLY the message Heaven Speaks on every page.

The Plan that has been addressed over and over again. The one Abe Lincoln first brought to our attention. The one Walter spoke of. The one Michael is still yearning for.

Imagine...the peace.

From Heaven to our ears...

Just imagine...

So stick around. Stay tuned with us. And hang on for the ride of your life.


Heaven is speaking...

And in the immortal words of Walter Cronkite, our first beloved interviewee (for whom we shall always hold a burning candle):

“...and that’s the way it is.”

With love, wonder and Oneness,

--Pamela Bloom Queens, New York